Austin Area Gas Leak Explosion of Residential Home – Aftermath

Gas Leak Explosion

AUSTIN, TEXAS – If you live in the Austin area, you know that people have been talking about the fatal gas explosion of a home in North Austin on January 9, 2012.

The Texas Railroad Commission, who regulates gas companies, has taken over the investigation.

North Austin Gas Explosion

The homeowner of the North Austin residence called the Texas Gas Service over 45 days before the home exploded. Here’s the timeline of events:

  • October – Homeowner may have noticed gas smells
  • November 25 – Homeowner called gas company
  • November 26 – Texas Gas Service service call
  • December – Texas Gas Service service call – dug a hole but unsuccessful in determining the source of the leak
  • January 9 – Home explosion

This homeowner did what he was supposed to do — he called the gas company. Unfortunately, the problem was not resolved and ended in the senseless death of the homeowner.

At Stephens & Stephens, we have handled gas explosion and propane explosion cases, some involving injury and death, and some involving property damage. With highly flammable materials, it is essential that companies respond immediately and work diligently to find the cause of a gas leak or a propane leak, because the consequences are often life and death.

If you smell gas at your home, call your gas company immediately.


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